Writers Wanted! Earn Bitcoin Tell Your Story & Earn Bitcoin!

We are looking for people to share their stories about TOR.

What do you DO while using TOR?  Share your story with us and earn Bitcoin.

We will pay you 0.01 BTC if we publish your story.  Rest assured our site is completely anonymous; our hosting is OFFSHORE and we do not track IP addresses and we do NOT want to know your name or anything about you.  We just want to hear about your TOR usage!

Here is how it works:

  1. Create an account and write a story about what you do on TOR.  Each story should be at least 600 words and include a title and an image.
  2. Include your Bitcoin address at the end of your story.  We recommend you use an anonymous Bitcoin wallet provider like https://TorWallet so that your identity cannot be connected to your Bitcoin address.

If we publish your story, we will send you .01 BTC.  Note that we will ONLY publish your story if we like it!  If it is boring, poorly written, etc it will be declined, so please do a good job!

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