Treasure Hunting Deep web Style

True story this. The summer days were dragging on for me and my close friends. We all lived close to each other in the same neighborhood. We were bored out of our mind a few summers back but that was about to change.

I was familiar with the deep web but was by no means a regular user. I used tor to browse Facebook for a while and Facebook shutdown my profile. At first they were just asking me to prove my identity a few times then one day they just shut it down due to “mismatched i.p. addresses.”

Bored, I would occasionally check out The Silk Road. I talked to the famous bud dealer gone scammer Thurgood Jenkins. On my birthday he sent me five grams of ketamine free. Dude was great and it is a shame he pulled all that bullshit.
I ordered about 8 fake IDs for me and some friends and the IDs came in really shitty. Upon requesting a refund, and receiving said refund, bitcoin prices had risen over five hundred percent. My initial four hundred dollars  investment was now worth over two thousand dollars. Free money meant free drugs!
In spite of that nothing very exciting really happened, I was just coasting and I wasn’t really into drugs or looking to make a fortune. Not until the fateful day I came across a deep web website called Free Maps. I was always pretty interested in maps, now with no prospect of a girlfriend or a social life,I clicked on the link and there was this huge array of map images.
I thought it was weird that this was on the deep web. On it I found a link named Treasure Maps. I clicked on it and found a map that showed some “buried treasure” in the hills about two hours from my neighborhood. I printed the map and studied its clues carefully. I figured it wouldn’t be to too hard to find the treasure. It looked like the adventure I and my friends had been looking for all summer.
Over the weekend, I talked three buddies from my neighborhood into going treasure hunting with me. When we got to the spot, we started digging. After a while we figured there wouldn’t be anything there, and we had been tricked by the deep web to go spend time outside. Boy oh boy, was I wrong?
After digging about three feet deep, I hit something hard. Excitedly we dug around it, and to our surprise it was an old fashioned treasure chest. It was very old and rotten, as if it had been buried there for a very long time. We opened it, our collective hearts beating fast in anticipation. I swear to God, there was a single piece of paper inside like a monopoly card ¬†that read “Go To Jail, Go directly to Jail. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200”.

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