Tor’s Red Rooms

Sickos and sadist abound on the deep web, I was attempting to find the infamous red rooms, but I found nothing of note. There were rumors and hints, but I came out without seeing anything too crazy. I was quite relieved that I hadn’t put myself through the trauma of signing into a red room to watch someone murdered live for cash. I mean, really, does anyone genuinely want to see that?

A red room is the modern version of the snuff movie, there is a live stream of the torture and murder of a person for the entertainment of others. It was Isis terrorists getting tortured and killed for our viewing pleasure! And it was all going to be free! Going darker in the dark web. The dark web has literally changed the way I perceive people. I never knew people can be so disgusting, cruel, inhumane, insane, diabolical, and evil.
An excerpt of their post from the deep web:
“We are working around the clock.
We are around a warzone and got more urgent things to worry about. But we will deliver and we will hit the deadline.
Maybe not under optimal circumstances as hoped, but the circumstances also makes things even worse for our ISIS pigs.
We are happy to tell you that we have executed two prisoners. The reality is not very beautiful or on our side right now.
Expect fun games, mingle and torture as promised. All interactive. Still fully free. We will make at least the first hour family friendly, and explicitly warn you before things get violent.
Changed plans about their final destiny, whether they live or die at the end of the day.
We won’t stop under any circumstances, torture MUST become death.
No pig have the right to survive today. Two dies. Three are shipped away. They have a nice career ahead of them, read below.
Our proposed business model was always about hurting/defaming ISIS and to fund their enemies.
Red rooms is a hard business and few can stomach it. It also means a lot of attention and extra hassle for us. Therefore, we’ll make a huge business of selling ISIS-assholes instead. That’s right. We will sell their assholes a.k.a. human trafficking.
We want to give ISIS-careers a promising future!
Here’s the best part. Since the funding is dealt with already, everyone get everything for free. All future executions online will be fully free.
We will also upload materials for free. We call it the “instagram” of happy ISIS whores or instagram of Jihad, what do you think? Having their asses sold is just too ironic to not document and eternalize and we promise exactly that.
We make Movie stars of Jihadists. It’s part of the non-optional ISIS-employment with us.
The conditions are good here for the “soldiers of god”. The dog food (shit flavored) is free and we fill their water bowl with clean water and flavor it with piss.
It’s not our fault if they don’t eat, they called for it. They are such heroes. Again, support us by watching. That’s all we need.
Yet, we are not worse than them.”
Enemies of Islamic State
The sad thing is that they really do have prisoners but nobody can confirm if these prisoners are really daesh. Those that supposedly hate violence and love freedom put in their request to watch and celebrate. How twisted is that?
Oh the irony!

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