I Buy DRUGS on the DEEP WEB MDMA, Hash and more!

When i first heard of the Darknet i got very excited and needed to see it with my own eyes.
I started downloading TOR and surfing some onion links i could find at surface web.
Obviously those links found at the surface didnt had much, but were enough for me to start finding wikis, forums and even a search engine within the Darknet.
As a drugs enthusiastic, specially phycodelics, i was stunned by the amount of information i could find about drugs in the Darknet. Many cool stuff like how to produce some, enhance the effects of others, and everything i could ever imagine finding about drugs online.
Then while surfing all these drugs related onion sites and going deeper and deeper inside the Darknet, i was suddenly inside some creepy blackmarket which dindt only sell drugs, but also had like hitmen for hire and even human slaves.
I was kinda terrified and was about to leave when i saw a title saying: “Pure MDMA – Shipping for all over the globe”
I clicked it and there was this guy claiming to sell Pure MDMA for any country.
The price was really atractive, nearly 1/3 of what i was used to pay in my city so i decided to give it a shot.
I had nearly forgot about it when it arrived at my house. It took about 3 months but suddenly it arrived by mail. I couldnt believe i was just receiving an amount of drug via international mail.
And omg its was insanely pure.
Unfortunatelly, or maybe fortunatelly, the market was shut down some time after that and i could never find this guy again.

And whenever I use the deep web markets like Alphabay Market then I always use the anonymous Bitcoin wallet TORWALLET to keep me safe ..

BTC address: 1LwibrWzEE88yuciDKRDpSNANt77q7SGKi

Hope you enjoy my story  🙂


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