SR1 – The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly.

The Good: I once¬†ordered an ounce of molly from SR1 to my buddy’s dorm room. The vendor was from Canada and I had used him a lot of times before, but never to this new address. The vendor expressed shipped my order and gave me a tracking number. We waited a week but there was no package. We tracked it online and it said delivered. I did a little research online and I learnt that sometimes it gets marked as delivered a day before. So we waited another day, again nothing. I messaged the vendor for his opinion but he had no Idea what happened. We waited a few more days, same story. Now I am freaking out, it is a good thing my friend stayed calm.
My friend decided to man up and walked up to the front desk to ask if there was a package for him. They answered no. Then he asked if there was any package from Canada? It seemed sketchy enough to ask but they checked and lo and behold, there was one addressed to his room but with a name nobody recognized. It turned out that I wrote only my friends address and I forgot to add his name. Instead of asking me for a name, the vendor made one up and shipped. Until today, my friend’s nickname is what the vendor addressed him as.
The Bad:¬†I once got selective scammed by a vendor called Ringo Deathstarr. He was supposedly one of the “best” vendors on the market and was worshiped by his customers. I ordered some drugs and he sent me a diaper in the mail. I asked him about it, he acted all surprised and said the drugs were in there. Bullshit! I never got anything, he basically said I was scamming him when I messaged him. I gave 1/5 and got blacklisted. That was with SR1, and was right before it went down so it didn’t hurt me as bad. Terrible vendor, he must have based his business off this. My understanding is that if you do this once every 30 times, you will still have 97% positive feedback.
The Ugly: I was waiting for an order to arrive that day, but nothing came for me. Later a package arrived at my address for somebody I did not know. After a while , I thought it was probably my weed and that the vendor mistakenly used another name, so I decided to open the package. I tore it open, and inside there was a new wrist watch. I was confused, where was my drugs? I checked online and the watch’s model and brand suggested it was a shitty amazon $5 cheapy. I sat down, bewildered, thinking this vendor must be fucking serious about his stealth.
I went down the hardware store to buy one of those very tiny screwdrivers and set to work. It still took me a fucking hour to get apart. Long story short my drugs arrived the next day, and the new housemate I hadn’t met at the time still checks the mail every day wondering where the fuck his watch is.

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  1. ha ha ha ha TJ was truly one of my favorite vendors early on. Always willing to work with you, seemed like someone I’d want to hang out with, AMAZING bud, fair pricing (again, way better prices early on), and I thankfully never had any issues or lost any money to him.


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