How TOR turned me from party chick to girl geek .. and the very bad things I did on the deep web!

This is me using a computer

My name was Leea. I was, as people called me and as I liked to be called then, a party chick. My TOR experience was sudden, unexpected, and happened at a party.

Got a party going on at your place? Afraid there won’t be people turning up and you might be called the loser guy who tried to throw a party and nobody came? Well, then you invite me. If people know Leea turns up, people will make sure they will be there. Cause Leea’s cool and pretty, and if you’re lucky she might make you into a man.

Yes, Leea was easy. She loved to fuck and she didn’t care with whom. Boy, girl… let’s say Leea was usually too drunk to remember if the thing she fucked was even human. Everybody knew this and one day, at one party, this became my bad luck.

It was not even a special party. It was the end of summer and some friends were going away to another school, and those who weren’t didn’t want to face school again. So these other girls, not as cool or pretty as Leea, thought hey, let’s throw one super big bash everybody will remember!

Of course, they had to invite Leea. They didn’t like Leea and she knew this but she never cared. More parties = more booze = more drugs = more fucks.

It started like most parties do. The kids with glasses turn up first. Then the pizza and the beer and the drugs come in. Then the fat boys. Then the horny boys. And then the cool people. And finally Leea.

To be honest I don’t remember much. I remember making out with some of the girls on the couch, and drinking a lot. And then nothing.

What I do remember is how everyone looked at me funny the next day. I remember looking at my Facebook and seeing the pictures. Of me naked, with food all over me and a few fat disgusting boys licking the food off. There were other pictures, all of Leea naked and all disgusting. I remember the guy who posted them. Let’s call him Sam. Bloody Sam.

It got really bad. Suddenly, I was not popular Leea and not Pretty Leea. I was disgusting, stupid, silly Leea. I didn’t want to go to school anymore. Everyone laughed and pointed. I ate alone. I was in hell.

Then this nerd boy comes to me one day and tells me I shouldn’t just keep quiet. I should get revenge. And he promised to help me. This was the day I found out about TOR and the dark web.

He showed me sites you couldn’t find with Google. He helped me find a random hacker. He helped me change money into bitcoin all using TOR. We paid this hacker to use UFD2 decryption to hack Sam’s account, and the accounts of his sister and parents. We paid another hacker to make fake photos and videos with Sam in them, doing very, very nasty stuff.

And then we filled all their Facebook accounts with all that nasty stuff.

Long story short, Sam got into a lot of trouble. He got kicked off his clubs, he got suspended from school, and everyone found out what he did to Leea.

It wasn’t a nice thing to do. Maybe it was too much to ruin his life. But he ruined Leea’s life first.

Looking back, maybe I shouldn’t have done it. But in a way, I should thank Bloody Sam for introducing me to TOR and the dark web.

I stopped going to parties, and I am not a party chick anymore. I spend all my time online, on TOR and on other new ways to read and find out more about what people cannot find from WWW.

I’ve moved on from paying hackers to crack Facebook. There are so many other things to do. I am no longer Leea.

I am 1334.


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