My Friend Hired a Chechen Hitman on the Deep Web … ... and got ripped off and then blackmailed by the mobsters!

A friend of mine was blackmailed by deepweb scammers for a very long time. He was almost ruined when he  registered on a murder for hire website, that it turned out to be scam.
Most of these crime related websites are fake and behind paywalls to scam you. These websites are used to lure people into registering accounts and whatnot. Afterwards they are guilty shamed or blackmailed into paying bitcoins to keep the people behind the scam quiet. You should treat everything with suspicion until proven otherwise, on the deep web, and in real life.
My friend had a big problem at work. He was in love with his boss’ secretary. His boss was also having an affair with the same bitch. Unfortunately his boss found out about the affair and had it in for him. Even after he broke it off with her, he was verbally abused and constantly humiliated in front of others. His boss would ask for his evaluation of a problem and denigrate his opinion in front of the other staff. His adequacy and commitment were always questioned.
Quitting was not an option for him because he needed the job. After confiding in me, we decided to teach his boss a lesson. I introduced him to the darkweb and ordered marijuana to his boss’ house. We then started a rumor about his boss portraying him as drug user and a junkie. We also bought marijuana addressed to his boss’ name and mailed it to the office.. We hoped that senior management would investigate and fire the little shit. Unfortunately, nothing we tried worked.
Little did we know that his boss is the owner’s nephew. No matter how hard we tried, he was never going to be fired. Management eventually figured out that someone else was trying to frame him. They invited the cops to investigate and my friend’s boss accused him of being behind the setup.
He denied everything but he was very close to losing his job. Luckily there was no evidence linking him to the crime, so he was let of the hook. Frustrated, he took matters into his own hands and decided to kill his boss. Had he discussed this with me, I would have discouraged him.
He went on the darkweb and registered on a murder for hire website. After corresponding with the would be assassins, he changed his mind. I guess he chickened out after giving it serious thought. Unfortunately, the scammers somehow got hold of his personal information and blackmailed him for 8 months. I had a feeling that something was wrong and I asked him about it. He kept on reiterating  that he was fine. I let it go and assumed he was still having a tough time at work.
Eventually when he could no longer take it, he confided in me. I advised him to stop making the payments and go the cops. He stopped paying them, he quit his job, and moved to another state. He also deleted all his social media accounts plus his darkweb accounts. He never reported this to the cops. It has been over a year now and the blackmailers are yet to contact him. I hope it stays this way.

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5 thoughts on “My Friend Hired a Chechen Hitman on the Deep Web … ... and got ripped off and then blackmailed by the mobsters!

  1. your ‘friend’ is lucky he didnt go to jail .. bad idea to hire these Chechen or Albanian hitmen, they just gonna rob and blackmail you, never get the job done

  2. This article is a fake. If your friend would have hired a hitman anywhere, and if you declare this public, cops and FBI would be at your door to ask you who is your friend.
    Also, if he has been scammed by anyone, he can provide proof here, including screenshots of communication
    You are just udnercover cops trying to scare people away

  3. This article is a biiiiiig fake.
    The chechen mob site is not asking for any details about customer, no name, no address, no email, no phone number, no credit card, no bank account, no nothing
    The IP is hidden with tor.
    So basically the chechen mob can NOT find any information about the customer.
    The customer only gives the information about target; and a target can have many ennemies.
    So they can’t black mail customers at all, because they don’t know who the customer is
    Chechen Mob is real and they do real murders.
    You can verify that easy: just singup for a operative account on their site.
    They will do a test order. Do the test order, and you get approved.
    Then they give you orders from customers, do the orders and you earn money.
    80% to you, 20% to them
    If you have balls go there and be a hitman. You see they are giving you orders. This is the ultimate proof that they are real. They are not a small team of hitman. They are big site allowing any hitmen to signup.


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