Losing My TOR Virginity I found out how to hire a hitman or gangster from Chechen mob

This story starts at around 2014. I first used TOR when I was eighteen. Me and my friends were goofing off and we had skipped our class since senior year is boring, at least in my country. I read an article about how you can hire “serial killers” on the deep web, and being the immature fools we were, me and my friends obviously decided that we had to see this for ourselves. I downloaded TOR with the help of google, but it took longer than we expected for the program to start working, and by the time it was finally up and running all my friends had left. I actually ended up visiting the Crime Bay by the Chechen mob. Image result for crime bay TOR picture

This site is accessible in TOR using the following link: http://4ryvrw3zjw7tcsuk.onion, and I have to admit I was really spooked out when I saw the service was real and was run by real gangsters. I immediately shut down the computer and spent the night scared as hell. Obviously now I know that TOR is completely anonymous my fears seem silly, but they were real at the time. I vowed to never use TOR again, until I overheard a random senior selling drugs. I won’t mention names or the drug he was selling to protect me and the senior, but the prices he was charging seemed really high. I got curious to see how much they really cost, and ended up using TOR for this research. I found out that the senior was marking up the drug 10x, and because he had a sizable amount of people addicted, he was making a killing. I decided that I would expose him to the principal and hopefully get recognized which would look good for any minute decisions my college had to make.  However, before I met with the principal, I decided to try to bribe the guy. I asked for $1000, and he said sure, but insisted on paying with Bitcoin. When I asked what that was, he explained that it was a crypto currency and a bunch of other nonsense. I wasn’t buying into his explanation until I did a quick google search of the price of the coins. Holy shit, they were expensive! I did some more research and quickly decided that they are a good investment, and created an anonymous wallet using TOR.  I then realized that there were many other uses for TOR. I got into sports gambling, which I am not proud to admit but must say. I got really addicted, and spent hours betting on anything that was on. Not one of my proudest moments at all. Luckily, I managed to get myself to quit after an especially bad losing streak that wiped off most all of the bribe I had gotten. I discovered ways to earn Bitcoin through forums and sites, and today am an active member of both the TOR and Bitcoin community. Over the approximately three years I have been part of this gathering of people, I realized many things. One is that 99% of the people who offer you deals or jobs are scammers, and that you must be wary of liars and use your brain. I am glad I was able to learn this lesson here instead of by being scammed in real life. I also learnt that the few who are good are nice people, and have made many friends in my time here. TOR was a great experience for me, and I believe it is a big part of the future. Thanks for reading about my first TOR experience!



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  1. the police arrested me for using this website and I am awaiting further action from them. Apparently some 400 in the UK are being arrested


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