My First Failed Scam Attempt on the Deep Web .. and the lessons learned from Scamming on TOR

The Deep Web is full of scammers as almost everyone knows. When I first got into TOR, I saw many people get scammed and post threads everywhere on random forums. They seemed to fail for easy and amateurish tricks, so I decided to try my luck at scamming. I posted that I had a $500 Dairy Queen gift card on a popular forum, and asked .1 Bitcoins for it, the deep webs favorite online currency. I found a person who wanted to buy the gift card, and he was okay with going first! However, he claimed he needed to use Skype for faster communication. I thought this was going to be some free money so I said “OK” and logged off TOR and into Skype. This was a huge mistake! He payed for the card and I immediately blocked him on Skype. I thought that it was a quite easy .1 Bitcoins, and was happy for the night. The next morning however, I got a text saying “Fuck you” from a random number. I got panicked, and unblocked the guy I scammed. He posted my number right after. I was freaking out at this point. I begged him to stop, but he kept texting me for the next hour. When I was almost ready to break, he said “return me my coins x2, or I will report you to the police”. I almost fell over myself to do as he said. I had all my funds in a gambling site however, so I had no way to prove to him that I had sent him the money. To make matters worse, it was a college day, so I had to go through the day receiving his threatening texts. Finally, the funds went through, and the guy stopped bothering me. It was at this time that I knew that I had learnt two lessons. The first lesson was that what happens in the deep web, stays in the deep web. I would never take things into Skype again, as it was easy to resolve my location. The other lesson was that scamming just was not the life for me. I still use the deep web and TOR, sometimes for less than legit things. But I have never scammed another user. I hope you liked my story and learnt from it. Thanks for reading!



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