My Alphabay Experience Are Darknet Markets run by the mafia?!

I used Tor a lot in the past to buy my drugs, especially in the “good old days” of Silk Road One. I figured it was safer buying drugs anonymously as opposed to buying them from my local dealer. I hate buying drugs face to face, I feel safe buying them anonymously. All I needed was to improve my OpSec, get a safe drop and I was good to go. Also the quality of drugs I received from the Darknet Markets was almost always of a higher quality than what I bought from my local dealer. They were cheaper, especially those that I bought from European countries. It made perfect sense buying from the new markets after silk road’s demise.
I lost some coins during the Verto and Evolution market exit scam. I also lost some coins when silk road was closed down by the feds. But nothing compares to the discomfort and anxiety I have been feeling lately using Alphabay market to buy drugs. Not so long ago a bug on their platform caused unencrypted private messages to be readable by everybody. It was careless and it made me very anxious. Their job is to ensure privacy, both theirs and ours. I have come to the conclusion that darknet markets are run by the mafia and I don’t think they care so much for our privacy, provided they get their money.
Personally I manually encrypt everything possible. Largely because I am afraid of the kind of people that run these markets getting my personal information as I am of the police doing so. Most users are also partially responsible by not encrypting sensitive messages. However I think it is very embarrassing for Alphabaysince they have shown again that they are clearly unable to run a market securely and protect their users. I hope things improve soon, as I like this market. At the moment the only thing that helps me sleep at night is the fact that I don’t live at my drop. Several people use the same address for various things, and the quantity of drugs I buy is minuscule to raise any major flags with LE. But if for some reason they choose to dig a little, it wouldn’t be too hard to find me. Right now buying from my local dealer is looking like the better option.
I’ll probably still use AlphaBay after this. I really like this market, it is nice looking and the most the available market. Even though this was a serious exploit, anyone with sense would have taken precautions to prevent it from doing any serious damage. Always encrypt your messages. Do not send any vendor messages with sensitive information, containing high risk information including first names, last names, and your real address. Protect yourselves from these kind of markets, no matter how easy or convenient they are to use. Always remember that Big Brother is watching. Even worse than big brother is a criminal on the other side of your messages. They can use your private information however they please. Anything from blackmail and extortion would be fair game to them. Protect yourself, improve your OpSec,  don’t be lazy. Being high is not an excuse for stupidity. Take care when navigating these parts.

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