I Buy Counterfeit Money on the Deep Web ... and work at a bank!

Buying counterfeit currencies on the dark net is very easy. In the end, the real thing is just a piece of paper, and if you think of the counterfeit the same way, then you will be fine. You have to be careful not to use them were UV lights are available or you may get caught. Currently I work for a  bank and we are experiencing an influx of counterfeits. Most of them are twenties and hundreds. People have been bleaching dollar bills as a template for making larger currency.

We also got the local McDonald’s deposits everyday and there was always at least one fake $20. It got so common at one point that we offered free instructions to local business owners on how to train their employees to spot them.

Anytime I run out of money, I go on the dark web to order twenties and hundreds. I then switch these notes gradually with real notes at work. I make sure not to go over $200 a week, and I only use small notes. It’s been a good source of extra income for me.

I always feel guilty for my customers though. The assumption is that they unknowingly received counterfeits from their own customers. We don’t replace them, so they are fucked. It is also important to note that counterfeit detector markers pass these bills as real, all because of the dollar bill underneath.

There are other ways I spend the counterfeits aside from switching them at work. I once scammed a seller on the deep web. I made several legitimate purchases from him , then I hit him with the counterfeits. I also pass them off on Craigslist but I don’t use my real name. One of my easiest methods though is spending them prostitutes.

I also pass them in larger supermarket chains that have staff who work for the minimum wage and have no desire to check each note carefully. Try and choose a cash till with a younger person, as some of these kids haven`t got the brains that they were born with. If you`re in a queue and the person in front pays with cash, watch to see if the cashier checks the notes. If the purchase is for a larger amount, bury the bad note in the middle of the good ones. Avoid smaller independent shops where it is more likely the owner will check the notes.

A customer once told me a very funny story. This guy bought a cookie with a fake $1 bill. She gave him the cookie and he asked her to keep the change. Now she can’t keep change, so she asked him if he wanted the money in his account. While asking him, she noticed the dollar was fake because George Washington’s face was reversed. As soon as she confronted him, he ate the whole cookie and ran off. The cops were contacted and he was arrested.

Creating a good enough counterfeit to avoid being easily detected by an average Joe requires skill. Creating a good enough counterfeit to reliably pass the scrutiny of attentive non-experts takes even more skill. To avoid being caught, try the deep web for the pros.


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