Human Organs Sold The Darknet

I chanced upon an advertisement for human organs on the darknet. There is a huge market out there for human organs like kidneys and whatnot. My brother has a very bad kidney and he desperately needs a transplant, so we thought why not?
At last count there are 244 kidney transplant centers in the United States. The wait list is longer than the great wall of China. Then there is blood-type and antibody matching and several other tests, before a match is found. If you are lucky, you could maybe get a transplant after waiting for 3/4 years. My brother does not have that much time and is kind of desperate. A close friend of mine seeing the situation suggested we try the online dark markets.
After searching  on tor for a few days, I met this guy that was willing to help. “If you have the money and want it fast, you come here (India). I will find you a donor and you can go home with a new kidney in a month,”.
We were ecstatic. Was he sure about this? I needed to be convinced because we were told by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS),  that we needed to wait at least three years to find a donor. But here is this dude telling me that my brother would get a new kidney within a month.
After mulling things over, my family and I decided it would be best to travel to India and meet this person to verify his legitimacy. Despite being desperate, there were too many unanswered questions. I exchanged numbers with him and hopped on a flight to New Delhi. Before leaving I sent him enough ethereum to meet me at my hotel. Alas he never showed up. I was scammed by this guy. I waited a few days for him in vain and tried calling him several times but his cell phone was off.
I was very disappointed and bitter. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would do such a despicable thing. My brother’s life was at stake here. I sucked it up and decided to make most of my time in India. I logged in to tor and a few Indian message boards, and then proceeded to ask directly for a kidney donor.
Within a few hours my phone was ringing of the hook. I received 23 replies in 2 days. I was wary of being scammed but decided to do more research. I discovered that South Asia is now the leading transplant tourism hub globally, with India among the top kidney exporters. Each year more than 2,000 Indians sell their kidneys, with many of them going to foreigners. Armed with this information, I was emboldened, and I interviewed  the prospective donors. I found a nearby hospital that helped me with the process for a fee.
In conclusion, even though I was scammed by an idiot on the darkweb, I found multiple solutions to my problems. I met three donors willing to donate their kidneys for a reasonable price. I also met nice people and I made very good friends. We are constantly in touch and  I enjoyed my time over there immensely. No thanks to the scammer, but If we didn’t meet, I would never have traveled to India and I would never have met all these wonderful people. For now though, we have decided to wait a bit to see if we get a donor here in the US. The good thing is that we now have other options now.



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