Flakka Is Turning People into Man-Eating Zombies New Drug Flakka is being sold on Alphabay Market!

C15h21NO aka Flakka is the drug that is turning people into zombies and is now being sold on the popular Alphabay Market on the deep web.

Flakka the drug is a type of drug that first appeared in the Southern United States, Florida. It became popular because of the video came out of those who use such drugs. Can watch the videos on Facebook and Youtube. It’s been great talking about it because of strange behavior displayed by those who use flakka. It is also known by the name “Zombie Drug / Drug Evil” for becoming zombie like behavior of people who use illicit drugs.

Which works flakka?

The chemical possesses flakka is similar to the chemicals in the Bath Salts. This is called alpha-PVP (alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone).

How to use flakka?

The use of flakka is by smoking as smoking or otherwise using a syringe and can also be eaten directly. Its use is similar to the well-known drugs.

What is the impact of flakka?

The effect of flakka gives it extraordinary power that brings to losing someone and intense hallucinations. The call to the effect that it was “Excited Delirium”. Becomes alert and aggressive than the person who used flakka. It also brings an acceleration of the heartbeat, which often results in Hyperthemia or reaching a body temperature of 105 degrees celsius. It is also in effect flakka had seemed to be zombie your movements especially walking and pagkakbo and often seems dumbfounded them in their place and rending their garments so often in the last shall be naked because warming of their hard feeling. Typically requires four or five police work together to help catch a person to use flakka for the power it possesses.
Flakka much?

A capsule of flakka is worth five dollars ($ 5). According to the study, you can buy online flakka in China and it is only worth $ 1500 per kilogram. The dealer flakka can earn $ 50,000 as long as they have a connection to scatter in various areas such drugs.
Just how long the effects of flakka someone?

The flakka takes within 3-4 hours. But there’s a chance take a few days depending on its impact on the amount of used by one person.
Is flakka addictive?

Compared to different types of drugs is much more addictive drug use especially because its price is a bargain. Take the study of sexual addiction is more flakka compared to heroin, cocaine and marijuana and can have serious complications in the body using flakka.
Based on the statement of a woman to use flakka, his experience is like this,I was given marijuana and burn when I was told that it flakka.

Suddenly I became paranoid, terrified and I see and hear what something.

I have used many different types of drugs, but it (flakka) the worst of all.

Also reached the point that I jump on a bridge and nsa water when I was feeling I could even breathe I nto under water.

What if flakka is starting experiments to see how much you can do to a person similar to a zombie and to find out what its deficit to fulfill the Zombie Appocalypse in the world? What if the next will perfect that it and release an upgraded version of Flakka and can make zombie someone and they spread it by Chemical / Biological Weapon with the wind and mainfect people as incurable disease and continues to spread? What if everyone affected is lost permanently to sense and eager food to fellow human beings? Ready to Do the people in this incident?


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