Drug Raid How Homeland Security Agents Raided My House

I lived in a fraternity house my junior year with about 16 other guys and about 45 in the chapter overall. We had actually been arguing about drugs in the house. About half of us saying it’s asking for trouble and the other half using the chapter house as a haven from campus security. I was on the side of the former.

Early on in the school year a couple guys asked me and some other more Internet-savvy people about deep web. I explained basically what I did above and I didn’t really hear anything else about it for a while. After a few months some of the guys started talking about buying things off Silk Road. I assumed they were just lazy and trying to get cheaper weed.

Turns out I was incorrect. They had ordered about 5k worth of MDMA and acid. This came to light on a sunny afternoon in early April, when armed members of HSI (Homeland Security Investigations, a subdivision of ICE) raided our home.

I was upstairs overlooking the parking lot and a bunch of guys were outside getting ready to go golfing. I watched a car pull up slowly followed by another one bolting around the corner. The guys on the ground tell me that the driver of the second car got a little too excited. Apparently he jumped out of the car with a taser drawn and screamed ‘get on the fucking ground or prepare to feel the thunder.’ Not wanting to ‘feel the thunder’ everyone complied.

The more level headed agents went inside and rounded us all up to sit in the parking lot so they could search the house. I still have no idea if what’s going on at this point.

After a little while they explained who they were after and why. The aftermath was two guys got arrested on felony drug trafficking, one got arrested with minor charges of possession. They arrested but didn’t charge a fourth guy, he was the one whose house the drugs were sent to (we typically don’t get mail sent to the chapter house and they were trying to hide it). The guy had no idea what was in the packages. Another two guys got suspended for a year for suspected involvement.

In the end the two main guys got house arrest for the better part of a year and probation for a few years. The other guys all transferred except the one who didn’t get charges. He was released and graduated on time.

As for the rest of us, we got our charter revoked and everyone just left it alone otherwise. The younger people around campus are mostly scared of us now because the rumor mill made it sound like we were a violent drug ring. More accurately we are a group of idiots with a couple much bigger idiots in our ranks.


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