Deep Web Scammer Robs Bank Account of Missing Person Was Man Kidnapped by Deep Web Crime Gang Who Sold His Bank Account?

So I was looking for some ways to make some extra cash through the deep-web. I heard that marketing or graphics work could make me lots in the deep-web, but after all the searching I did, it was really really a challenge for me to find any job openings at all in the deep web.

I went on looking for some other ways to make some easy cash, and eventually I came across a shop that sold inactive bank accounts. I bought one, followed the steps and used a proxy and entered the password of the account on his online banking website. Eventually I did get to make some cash (a lot actually), and I was feeling pretty good. ‘Till one day, I was going to use more cash from the account and I got a notification from the online banking website asking where I was

Apparently, the original owner of my (new) bank account was a missing person who has been missing for around 6 years. Who knows what happened to him, how he got missing and how those sellers got this account in the first place..


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