Black Death – The Most Horrific Crime Syndicate On TOR ... specializing in human trafficking, sex slavery, murder-for-hire, abduction and more ...

I found Black Death after a link was posted on the dark web. Apparently they’re an organized crime group that deals in nearly anything, you name it. I clicked on the link and their services ranged from new fake identities, gun running, murder for higher, ready made explosives and human trafficking.

Trafficking seemed to be their main business. Out of curiosity I contacted them via encrypted messages to make inquiries. I pretended to be interested in buying a sex slave and they messaged me back demanding to know how I found them. It was surreal, I couldn’t believe I was exchanging messages with real life scum.

I replied saying I saw a link to their website on one of the dark web forums. I made it clear that I desperately wanted to buy a girl slave, but they did not buy my story. They wanted a solid vouch before proceeding. A vouch on the deep web is someone who can verify you as real and legit. Someone they already know and trust.

Since I could not provide a vouch, I persisted by trying other things like faking evidence to show that I had tons of money, and I could buy any of their services. I was hoping their greed would make them change their mind. Eventually they acquiesced and sent me a link to another website with nude images of the teenage girls they had for sale.

Indeed, the trading of people online is not new. The deep web and online back pages have been used to facilitate human trafficking for years. Many of these sites are explicit in nature and some are underground. Yet, evidence from legal cases demonstrates that mainstream sites such as Craigslist, Backpage, and Myspace have already been used for trafficking. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites are susceptible to similar uses.

On the new website they linked me to, there were images and videos of young women tied up in rough punishment and bondage.Their price ranged from $40,000 to $100,000. They included information such as weight, breast size, age, nationality, where they were being held and where they were abducted.

Then they sent me a date for the auction and demanded a sizable deposit before I could participate. The site owners claimed that they had used escrow services in the past—where an independent third party handles the finances during the transaction so no one is ripped off—but stopped after it became difficult to use them for high value transactions.
I demanded they allow me in for free to verify their legitimacy but they refused and stopped emailing me. The next thing I knew, the website vanished. I shared this story with my mates at work and I now know that a lot of these websites are scams. They bait you, then take your money and stop communicating with you.
Conclusively proving that Black Death is legitimate or fake is impossible without more information. If it was a scam site, they made it difficult for me to give them any money. If it was legitimate, I fear for all those poor girls they abducted as slaves.

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