Abandon all faith, ye who enter the dark web

Will you abandon all faith for a taste of the forbidden?

There’s something to be said about people who search for that which should be left alone. They’re not people who achieve more than us or who deserve to be put on pedestals. They don’t usually require or yearn recognition from the rest of us, either.

They’re not special, these people. Simply put, they’re just built differently from us.

And so it is with the dark web. It’s not a special place, not out of reach, not a measure of knowledge. It’s not to be avoided, only forbidden because it is different. Built by those different from us.

So spare yourself from all assumptions and notions of the Internet. The dark web, this deepest of the deep, this murky mire of information – it cannot be compared against the benchmarks of what you already know and what you’ve been told. Whatever measure you can preconceive to use on the dark web is useless. Not obsolete, not inaccurate. Simply unusable.

I’m telling you this because this is what I learnt. Learning this was a distressing experience for me, nothing I expected when I first plugged in my USB drive into a public library computer to load up TOR.

My foray, first into the deep web, then into the dark web, stirred so many questions.

I was confused, angry, terrified, hopeless – and growing more so with each hour spent on the dark web. Perhaps you, like most of today’s crop of Internet junkies, are no longer fazed by content on illicit drugs, guns, bombs, cannibalism, snuff, organised crime, extreme porn and any number of unholy material you can find using TOR to trawl the dark web.

Even I managed to stomach most of the content I read and saw – but even with my guard up, I was caught out by some of the more sinister content.

Detailed descriptions of the various tastes of human excreta with garnishings such as animal entrails, month-old cigarette ash and burnt plastic. People posting videos doing the unthinkable to themselves in a bid to outdo each other: you fisted your anus with a coconut grinder, big deal, watch me put my penis into a blender on max speed.

Why were there people like these? How were people driven to create, sell, buy, ask such unspeakable things? When did this happen? Who are all these inhuman humans? Where is the humanity?

I cannot prevent you from learning for youself. I cannot help you avoid asking yourself these very questions when you finally shut down TOR and sit back, brewing in your sweat after a tiring night of mental, visual and spiritual bombardment from the dark web.

But I can tell you to remember what I first said about the dark web. The questions you want to pose to it are irrelevant. The outrage you may feel about it is misplaced.

The dark web is for the faithless. You and I, we believe in so many things. A god or many gods. A sense of humanity, a sense of belonging, a sense of common sense.

But those made for the dark web, those made by it and those who made it; these are not you and I. We may call them chaotic, senseless even evil. But they know not to make chaos for they do not understand order. They know not to make sense of things, nor do they have a need for sense. They cannot be evil for they do not oppose good.

They simply are, but apart from how we are.

And if you must mingle amongst them, then forget all you know. Discard all you believe in. Abandon all faith.



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